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|✯The spy and the thief✯| GLMM| Gacha Life Mini Movie| READ DESC

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Firstly I want to describe why the mini movie has some horrible scenes like scenes skipping without transitions or the fact that there is no music and just some random sound effects and why is it there so much moving and in some points the moving just doesn't exist.
I want to make some things clear here. I was in a hurry to finish this glmm bc school starts and I started this with just a few weeks before it started.
Other reason is that for the last time I was really stressed about school starting and could barely sleep.
This is the last thing I'm posting here (except an announcement ) for the next few months.
Yes I'm taking a break and if any comments will be hearted that's not me. That's my bff Cristina Baby which I asked her to watch over my channel while I'm gone.She alsl is the owner of Andreea and Boss
So yeah I hate to use this big descriptions but I had to.
Anyways whoever is reading the desc I just wanna say ty for not ignoring the title. Also yes Ik I have grammar mistakes but again I WAS IN A HURRY.

Apps used: PowerDirector pro
Cute cut pro
Pics Art Gold (for thumbnail and pictures)
Gacha Life(duh)
Ibis Paint X

There was no music used except a few sound effects.
I didn't had time to search for it.
mkay people of yt.

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