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2018-2019 Mustang Recaro Seats - Ford Performance

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2018-2019 Mustang Recaro Seats: https://latemodelres.to/FPRPRecaroSeats
Made in the USA
Ford Performance Recaro Race Seats
Improve interior styling, while increasing support, with these Ford Performance Recaro race seats! Factory seats are built with comfort in mind, which is great for long trips but leaves much to be desired in the performance department. A few hard corners with stock seats, and you'll quickly realize it's nearly impossible to stay planted without extra support. Ford Performance's Recaro seats have strategically placed leg, waist, and shoulder bolsters that will keep you planted during spirited street driving, and vigorous race track sessions! This Recaro race seat kit provides the best combination of styling, safety, and performance!

Recaro Quality
Recaro manufactures these seats in a high-grade, black leather that matches the rest of your S550 interior. These race seats feature integrated headrests, with harness openings, for added safety over your factory seats. The driver's side seat has a 4-way manual adjustment, while the passenger seat has a 2-way manual adjustment. These reclining seats are durable in the areas that matter most. High traffic areas are built to withstand wear, and tear, for long-lasting performance. Ford Performance logos are embroidered into the headrests, so everyone knows you've installed quality into your S550. Original equipment airbags, seat tracks, and OCS sensor; are included for a direct replacement installation.

Fitment Note
Will NOT fit convertible.

-Fits 2018-2019 Mustang GT and Ecoboost Coupe

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