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Blade: Trinity - WTF Happened To This Movie?

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Hollywood has had its fair share of historically troubled productions. Whether it was casting changes, actor deaths, fired directors, in-production rewrites, constant delays, budget cuts or studio edits, these films had every intention to be a blockbuster, but were beset with unforeseen disasters. Sometimes huge hits, sometimes box office bombs. Either way, we have to ask: WTF Happened To This Movie?

For this episode, we take a look at the wonky sequel that was David Goyer's BLADE: TRINITY starring Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. With rumors of unbelievable on-set drama, creative differences and ultimately the butting of heads (and egos), the film failed to make even the same amount as its predecessors and put the character of Blade on ice. With Mahershala Ali recently announced to take on the mantle in a new MCU version of the famed vampire-slayer, we peel back the curtains on WTF Happened to Blade: Trinity!

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