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BTS ~ FF ~ 21+ ~ Jeon Jungkook - Kidnapped to fall in love... MOVIE 1/2 Birthday Special

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This content is for mature audiences only.
I won´t take any responsibility for anyone who reads this who is not of legal age.
Parents are responsible for their children not to let them watch this content.

Also, comments which content how old you´re ( If you´re not of legal age) will be deleted without overthinking.
And comments with - This dislike is from his bandmember- will be dilated as well.

If you don´t like what you watch than simply leave.
Age registered video´s you can read on wattpad the link to my account is in the description box.

I don´t own any picture or music. credits go to the right owners
I only own the story. All rights reserved to Ari Noona.
Re-uploading of my videos will be reported at ones.

Have a nice watch.

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