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French Fries I Potato Fries recipe I How to make French Fries

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Salty, Crunchy, Crispy the perfect french fries recipe is here!!!!!

This french fries are made from sweet potato and are very easy to make at home they require fever cooking steps and can be made easily at home. They almost taste like the fries that we get at McDonalds but they are way more healthier and do not contain chemicals. This french fries are fried but you can also make them in the oven


How to make the best and perfect potato fries



Sweet Potato (Regualr Potato) - 600 gms
Cornstarch/ Arrowroot flour (Singhara Atta) - 1/2 cup
Black Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - as per taste


I have used sweet potato but you can also use a normal potato that we get easily in the market. Peel the skin of potato and clean it thoroughly under running water you can also use salt water to clean the potato this will prevent blackening of potato

Once you have removed the peel of the potato now cut the fries to about one-fourth inch. Make sure that use slice your fries thinly. Here is how to slice a sweet potato into fries recipes with potato on its side now work lengthwise slice of 1-4 inch thickness from one of the sides of the potato now turn the potato on to the flat side so it is more stable and then continue slicing the potato into slabs and then cut the slabs into thin fries

Once all the fries are ready like you have seen the video I have done it for 600 grams of sweet potato, soak them in Ice cold water for about 1 hour this will help in removing the excess starts from potato and will also prevent blackening of the potato

Now after an hour put the raw french fries into boiling water it has to be rolling boil and cook the potato french fries for 2 minutes only do not overcook this as it will turn out to be soggy while frying. The potato french fries should be cooked 50 to 60% and not more.

Now remove the fries from boiling water and place it over a towel and let them dry completely.

Once done toss all the fries in cornstarch half cup and black pepper powder half teaspoon till all the fries are coated with the powder mixture. Be gentle while tossing the fries otherwise they may break

Now heat oil in the pan and try the french fries in batches till they become golden brown in color. With the ladle drain the french fries on a kitchen towel and then serve french fries in a bowl. Drizzle some salt and enjoy the potato french fries with your friends and family.

For Vrat/Fasting recipe, replace cornstarch with Arrowroot powder(Singhara Atta) and replace salt with RockSalt (sendha Namak)

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