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Turbo Tax Ballers

Everybody bood up right now
It’s income tax time bihhhh

I called my dawg to come play 2k
That nigga said he washing dishes and then watching Netflix

I’m the only one lonely bihhhh
Ain’t no income tax over here I gotta pay back

This the time of the year
u see paper tags on the back of used jags

Hoes with new titties and Ass

Strip club floors full of cash

And everybody refrigerator full of take out bags

Beginning of March everybody Ballin
In the middle of April everybody broke

Everybody please don’t make permanent debt with that temporary money

Putting down 3500 on a one bedroom and u don’t got no income coming in to maintain the rent ain’t smart

Putting down 1500 on a brand new used 2002 Chevy Malibu ain’t smart

Them $500 a month payments for 6 years gonna hit u in the mouth in May June and July

Then that tow truck gon pull up
Now u got to hide the car round the corner to yo auntie house so them people don’t find they shit

Going to the rooms to go and renting all this furniture ain’t smart

Them people real disrespectful when u owe them money. They’ll pull up at your super bowl party and take they shit back

Buying all these wigs ain’t smart either
Just steal one of your grandmas on

Grandma got a bunch of them wigs with inches from church . Save u some money

Going to the flea market getting that chain off layaway is not smart either

Especially if u gotta pawn it in April to pay your rent.

The government shutdown should of taught everybody the importance of saving

Save that lil income tax in the bank
Stop acting like a crack head

U out here itching to spend that money on weed to smoke and liquor to drink
That’s that junkie shit

Put that money up and don’t touch it til May June
That’s when everybody be done spent theirs.

U gotta ball when they on the sideline looking

U gotta stunt on em when they shit getting repossessed

U gotta go to Benihana in May
When that shit empty cuz everybody broke

When they going broke
U need to just be cranking up
So they can’t keep up

A lot of y’all still waiting on them taxes to drop but it’s a wolf in your backyard waiting to tax y’all ass

Niggaz trying to over charge u for the re up going up an extra 500 for the pound

Talking bout this that new shit that the Migos smoke

This that shit that got Lamar Odom fucked up

This that shit that all the rappers smoke in the studio

And u pay it
All the while it’s the same shit

D!ck Discipline

Dick and pussy should never meet between two people When u doing business

It mess up the money
It mess up business

Just like the The Kardashian’s situation
Tristian Thompson got caught fuckin Kylie friend

Kylie friend was in business with Kylie
They grossed millions together

But the day she discovered that her friend was fuckin Tristian she ended a multi million dollar business venture with her friend

Just like when u meet a potential business partner and he bring his woman to the meeting

Idc how fine she is
U gotta overlook her and get to the money

Her beauty can distract your business
on some underage pussythe shit hit the fan

It’s safe and smart to get u one woman and leave all them hoes in the street alone

Don’t participate in the race these niggaz got going on
“how many hoes u can fuck before u catch aids
“How many hoes u can fuck before you have 10 baby mamas
“How many hoes u can fuck before u go broke

Lots of niggaz be having a good woman at home
But wanna cheat on her to a bug eyed Betty looking bitch

These niggaz who out here fuckin everybody gon end up at the end of life with nothing

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