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Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36-Volt 7-1/4-in Circular Saw Corded And Cordless Review C3607DAQ4 Framing Saw

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Corded & Cordless Circular Saw
On a recent trip to New York City, we had the opportunity to visit a few large construction sites to look at the tools that each company was investing in.  We were slightly surprised to see all corded circular saws, actually, every saw was corded on those jobsites.  The only cordless tools we found were drill drivers and impact drivers.  The cordless jobsite that we hear about in commercials and on internet ads did not exist.  In speaking with the managers and owners of the companies, they told us about the expense of battery operated tools and even the ones that had corded power were not able to operate long enough to do the professional construction job on a large scale.  Does that surprise you?  It should not.  Many of us who are not contractors walk into big box stores and pay more for tools that are built for the jobsite.  Tools that cut the cord and perform.  Tools that need a new battery every so often and marry us to the brand.  Let me ask one more question, what happens to your cordless tools when the battery technology changes or when your last battery dies and the tool is 7 years old?With that said, Metabo HPT is currently the only brand that has made an AC adaptor for their power tools.  Yes, DEWALT has one adaptor for their miter saw, but it works on nothing else.  Ever ask them why?Metabo HPT is working to gain ground as they changed names from Hitachi by building quality tools that give the user options of battery or corded use.  Is this the perfect situation?  Maybe for some tools it is, but the price you pay to be corded and cordless is a fairly large transformer connected to the AC cord.  The large box works well with some tools but not all of them, but it will allow you to choose between cordless and corded when needed, even if a cord is not perfect.If you want to see the review of the Metabo HPT Circular Saw, you need to watch the YouTube video, but we want you to think long and hard about marketing, the purchase points of your tools and what you really need to do your work.  Do you invest in some tools because you like the brand and are willing to pay more?  do you pay more for jobsite quality?  Are you getting what you paid for?  Lots of great questions and we hope to see some of the answers int he comments.

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