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RDCWorld1 ANIME HOUSE #4 | SkittenReacts ft. Chavezz

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Hey Hobiscuits! Thanks for watching and supporting me! Make sure to hit that lil notification bell so you get to see all of my face all of the time!

Sorry for the delay guys! There were some audio issues and some copyright issues, but I think I got everything sorted out! Hope you guys enjoy the reaction!

Original Vid: https://youtu.be/VqYvbY3jIDc

Previous Anime House Reactions:
Anime House 1-- https://youtu.be/WaDyLGRqh34
Anime House 2-- https://youtu.be/P_G0JVyi2Uo
Anime House 3-- https://youtu.be/ydVOVFxdCZk

Chavezz's Internet Historian Vid: https://youtu.be/iPlFdIpgioI

Twitter: @SkittenBaby
IG: @skittensays
Need to get in touch? E-mail me at skittensays@gmail.com

Leave a #BiscuitHo in the comments, because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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