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Romantic 2020 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Latest South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies 2020

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The movie basically traces the fate of a love story which unwittingly gets enmeshed into a feud that exists between two men on totally unconnected grounds. Does the love story survive the unfortunate twist in events is what Dhairyam will tell you. In a post-Pongal glut of big releases, Dhairyam will perhaps appear to be a subdued entry. It does not boast of a big star cast, but there are a few familiar faces that will definitely add value to the movie. Karthika (Thoothukudi fame) plays an important role in the movie - not that of a heroine - and Riyaz Khan appears in a role that opposes the love in the film.

Kumaran is the male protagonist in Dhairyam while debutante Dheepu plays the heroine. Music has been scored by RD Mohansingh and MN Surendhar. Dhairyam has been directed by M Sarojkumar who surprisingly has no experience of having apprenticed under any senior hand. It is said that he in fact came into the film industry with the ambition of becoming an actor but eventually ended up directing .

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