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Steven Universe: The Movie(Blind Reaction)

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Just some videos that I think are awesome playlist:

My Wife's(Dawn) Original Christian Music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEoE-NXosumvKVxjtiRjRU3chQFg_hc7r

Profile picture done by this channel:

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And now welcome to the generic description and welcome to the channel! And if you remember me then welcome back and yes I know I deleted my former channel but I'm back and I'm not going anywhere this time.

But by some chance you are here randomly that means you more than likely found this channel through a search due to a cartoon that you were looking for. And on the shadow we discuss a variety of cartoons. Just to name a few: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, DuckTales, Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Hilda, and many others.

I used to do blind reactions to the shows but due to the old me.... I ended up neglecting my family because I spent so much time on YouTube. But that's okay I can still put my thoughts out there about the shows without doing blind reactions. The new things going forward are going to be talkin about cartoons of course.... if I watch a movie and I have extended thoughts on it I'll talk about that.... maybe some top 5 and top 10 list.... and maybe even suggestions from y'all.

And I'm now also doing Steven Universe blind reactions, Star Vs The Forces of Evil blind reactions, My Little Pony blind reactions, and going to be adding more later on. but this time around I'm going to be setting a limit of two shows at a time per week. So when Steven Universe goes on hiatus I'll swap out and continue another show that I was reacting to. Or if MLP goes on hiatus I'll be able to then react to another series.

So I hope you enjoy my thoughts..... but I'd also like to hear your thoughts down in those comments below and while you're down there make a friend and discuss the show amongst yourselves.

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