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Tuu To Gayo 2020 Comedy Movie | Gujarati Movies | Dharmesh Vyas | Tushar Sadhu

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Tuu To Gayo 2020 Comedy Movie | Gujarati Movies | Dharmesh Vyas | Tushar Sadhu

In the city of Ahmedabad, there’s an unlucky man. He is so unlucky that abbreviation of his name is HIV. Not that deadly disease, but Harsh Ishvarlal Vora(Tushar Sadhu). He is heading towards making a Guinness Record for most Breakups in the world. But on a recent trip to Italy, he falls in love with an Amdavadi Girl (Twinkle Vasisht). HIV, i mean harsh doesn’t waste time to get engage with the girl with permission of her uncle (Shekhar Shukla). But ghosts of her past girlfriends keep coming back and which annoys her fiance. To save their friend from misery called marriage three of Harsh’s friend (Dharmesh Vyas, Raunaq Kamdar, Nilay Patel) plans a secret trip to Bangkok. After some hot dances with hot girls of Bangkok, they stumble upon a dead body of a woman which they believe one of them has killed. But who killed her? And most importantly, who is she? Will they be able to get away with the murder?

Directed by Dhwani Gautam

Cast -
Dharmesh Vyas
Tushar Sadhu
Nilay Patel
Raunaq Kamdar
Yashpal Sharma and
Shekhar Shukla.

Genre - Comedy, Drama And Thriller

Language - Gujarati

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